Why You Should Never Buy Cars from The Roadside and What to do Instead

Today in the UK, three used cars are purchased for every new car, with most of them purchased from authorised dealers – through online ads and newspaper classifieds, or simply by word of mouth. In any case, there’s a layer of accountability in all of these methods. Meaning, if something goes wrong – you’ll be likelier to know what steps of action take. If however, something goes wrong with a car you’ve bought from the roadside, you’ll be at a loss about what to do. Continue reading

What’s The Safest Used Family Car You Can Buy in 2016?

Families often look to purchase a car that’s functional and safe. But when potential car buyers opt for used cars, safety ranks down the list a little less, even if they have a family. Usually, its price that takes priority – that’s after all, the major benefit of purchasing a used car. Research conducted by Co-op insurance has laid claim to the truth only four percent of new and used car buyers place safety at the top of their buying criteria. It seems that there’s an underlying assumption that the likelihood of an accident is small. Continue reading

Put to The Test: Used Car Safety in The Spotlight

Used cars are often said to be less safe than their newer counterparts. However, recent research suggests that the car and make of the model is more important than the length of time a car has been used – especially when it comes to safety. In a survey conducted by Thatcham research and the safety charity Brake, Two out of three motorists assumed that a new car is automatically safer than used car. According to the research based on the assumption that a used car is at least one year, a car that is for example 5 years old but features a Euro NCAP Five-star rating, could be said to be safer than a new car without these credentials. Continue reading

Motor2go’s Motoring Ahead – And Making Car Trading Easier Than Ever Before!

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Let’s face it; if you’ve been featured for all the right reasons in the Daily Mirror, on a handful of different Sky TV channels and on the Kiss radio network, you must be motoring in the right direction. And, given that’s exactly what’s happened for us at Motor2Go, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree we’re speeding away from the opposition. Continue reading

Why you should visit the BTCC Rockingham


The MSA British tour championship is bound to provide spectators a thrilling weekend of racing, and it’s a must-attend event for any motorsport fan. Long straight lines and tight corners provide drivers with ample opportunities for overtaking, and fortunately, photographic equipment is allowed at the site. Meaning, you can take some great shots to highlight those standout moments that will happen again and again at the event.

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